A Clean, Well​-​Lighted Place

by Venture

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released August 20, 2013

Mixed and mastered by James Lewis

Drums mixed by Kenny Gil at The Pig Pen

Artwork by Olivia D'Amico



all rights reserved


Venture Bradenton, Florida

Venture is a Progressive Metal band from Bradenton, Florida.

Vocals// Oscar Collado
Guitar// Riley McIlwaine
Guitar// James Lewis
Bass// Zach Keehner
Drums// Jake Reed

Download our debut EP, "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place".
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Track Name: Origins
Chaos within this home
Why do I feel so fucking alone?
The tension is thick and I can't handle it.
I'm sitting here not handling it

My veins are pulsing and my sense of reality slims
I look around and I'm over it!

This is where I draw the line
My mind is going into overdrive

Distinguish me from the rest
Give me something, I'm getting restless
I'm trying my best to make you proud
But I don't think I can scream that loud

Now life is here and there's nothing to say
Life really hit me in the fucking face x2

Burn the book of memories
Burn the sentiment and tragedy
Everything we learned and we did
It got buried underneath our sins
Bad habits and new routines
Stuck in this box of reality
Bad habits and new routines
Stuck in this box of reality

What have we become? X4

What have I become?
Track Name: M.C.
What laughter explodes when the walls close in
Where the propaganda of walking in a straight line is irrelevant
We then question and tell the truth

Lying, preaching, indoctrinating
I swear it’s as if these chains will never break free

As if life wasn't hard enough as it is
A broken mind, a broken heart and a broken home
And when I look in the sky there's nothing but feeling alone
And when I look in the sky there's nothing but feeling alone

I jump to the rhythm of my own beating heart
Sinister smiles, false face, ripping humanity apart
Those books are nothing don’t you see
Enlighten yourself, take control, find the man you want to be

But I shall step out of line
Question, challenge, what's rightfully mine
The only living proof is what I feel

No gods, reality, nothing is real

I stepped away from the world
Nobody understood

I journeyed to the loneliest corners of the Earth
Nobody understood
Nobody understood

Track Name: Galaxy
A Blank page in front him as he tries to reconnect
Old habits seem fun for nostalgia.
He takes a nice sharp pencil and begins to write

Memories flooding with emotions configured
Friendships and trends completely disfigured
Roads built on top of trekked dirth paths
What more did we want then what we had?
What more did we want then what we had?

Hundreds of us screamed for more and promised we would
Broken and frayed, drowning while we stood.
In knee deep water, it was still too high
Those promises made were just young spoken lies.

We valued our friends and our memories
But this game of growing up has got me lost at sea

I'm lost and I'm hurt
I question what I deserve X2

And the further I plunge into the sea, it gives me answers
It gives me answers of loss and misery

I was young and I had hope and I had faith
I left everything behind and now it feels insane
But I'm hoping it'll all get better, please get better
One day the universe will change, and everything, and everyone will be together
Track Name: Orbital Repetition
Tragedy is the feeling of helplessness
Tragedy is genocide because ignorance
Tragedy is living with no purpose
Tragedy is corruption and selfishness

This pursuit of happiness is weighing me down
I get up and look around
So much anger it just isn't fair
I'm screaming in your face just asking you to care

Tragedy is an unanswered prayer
Tragedy is forced strength because you're scared
Tragedy is watching a home turn into a house

Loss of love, comfort and words

Tragedy is the feeling of helplessness

Tragedy is nothing more than emptiness